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Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Summer is coming up and so it is your high school reunion; you want to look your best in both occasions. You got your eye on the perfect dress that will surely be an envy of everyone of your old friends and even some who were not your friends. There is only one problem though, you can’t fit on the dress because it is a size or two smaller. You began to frantically look for ways to trim down that hips and waist in time for that reunion, which is just a month away! If that is the case, well then read on! I have got ways to lose weight fast. It worked for me and for some of my friends and I am sure if you are as determined as we are, you are going to lose that flab too!

First thing to do is to set your motivation straight and clear. You need to be disciplined, consistent, and be faithful to your weight loss program if you want to see results fast. Think of the benefits you will reap whenever you are in the verge of falling off the wagon. Think happy thoughts (wink!). Control your calorie intake everyday without the need to starve yourself. Keep a food journal so you can keep track of everything that you eat, and then calculate it at the end of the day. You can look up the calorie count of every food through the internet.

Seek a healthy alternative of all the high calorie foods you are used to eat. Replace the pork you used to love with lean meat like fish and chicken. Sardines, fresh tuna and salmon are very good sources of Omega-3 and antioxidants. Snack on fresh salad greens or fruits. For breakfast, steer clear of bacon, pancakes or hotdogs; replace them with oatmeal, yogurt or fresh fruit smoothies. Whatever you do, do not ever skip breakfast. A healthy breakfast is beneficial in increasing your metabolism and reduces your craving for a quick brunch.

Fiber up every day. It plays an important role amongst all the ways to lose weight fast. Fiber helps retain the proper volume of water in your intestines so your digestive system can work efficiently. When you include a lot of fiber-rich foods in your meals, you also put your body safe from heart diseases or stroke.

Have fun exercising because without it, you will slow down your weight loss progress. If you make time for a 30-minute exercise, you can avoid the urge to overeat. You can also add productive activities to your daily routine. Have tennis with friends or a simple brisk walking in the morning will do. Most importantly, practice makes perfect. If you practice a healthy way of life, you can be sure that those weight you lost won’t be coming back anytime soon unless you return back to your dirty old habits.